En smakebit på søndag - nr. 21

The conservative point of view

"Thinking it over as he smoked his after-breakfast cigar, Fitz realized that the thought of war did not horrify him. He had spoken of it as a tragedy, in an automatic way, but it would not be entirely a bad thing. War would unite the nation against a common enemy, and dampen the fires of unrest. There would be no more strikes, and talk of republicanism would be seen as unpatriotic. Women might even stop demanding the vote. And in a personal way he found himself strangely drawn to the prospect. War would be his chance to be useful, to prove his courage, to serve his country, to do something in return for the wealth and privilege that had been lavished on him all his life."

Fra Fall of Giants av Ken Follett.

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  1. Måtte bare innom og si hei :) Bloggen din er jo rene skattekisten for en bokorm, og jeg må bare si at å oppdage den var nesten som å komme til himmelen et øyeblikk. Faktisk.