Letter to Charlie Weasley!

Dear Charlie,

Although I am well aware of your tendency to prefer dragons over human beings, I thought I should point out that a former Quidditch Captain and seeker for Gryffindor is bound to get quite a lot of attention from silly little girls. I understand that this might be annoying for a loner such as yourself, and I am therefore volunteering myself to be your co-captain, to make all your admirers understand that you have found your one true love. This will inevitably break their hearts, but since they are young, after all, they will most definitely have moved on to a new stud, like Victor Krum, by lunch tomorrow. Then you will be free to be with your dragons without interruptions (or crazy fan stalkers), and, of course, to be with me!

I recommend a double wedding with George and Angelina, and after that I would be more than happy to live with you and Norbert and all the rest of the dragons in Romania. But do make sure that our house is situated at a safe distance from the dragons, as I am not inclined to put out fires on a daily basis.

I am awaiting your declaration of love by e-mail. 

Yours always,

Ann Helen Haugen

Christine har en konkurranse på bloggen sin denne uken, hvor vinneren er den som skriver det mest kreative brevet til en karakter fra Harry Potter bøkene. Dette er mitt bidrag, og samtidig min kjærlighetserklæring til Charlie Weasley. Jeg gleder meg til å lese andre bidrag til denne konkurransen, det er nok mange morsomme brev i vente.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Her blir jeg den første til å si at dette var elegant og vittig skrevet! La oss håpe Charlie forstår at han ikke kan gå glipp av dette tilbudet.

  2. Han har enda ikke tatt kontakt og det er over to år siden dette ble skrevet. Jeg er ganske skuffet.